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Thank you so much for your interest in my work. This business is my way to fight back against the weakness that seems to be taking over everything. 

I make custom WarClubs and Metal Art to help inspire us to "BecomeStronger."  My WarClubs can help increase strength, mobility and power. The weight starts at 10 pounds and go all the way up to 60 pounds (Heavies Maces are available just message me for info!!). The heavier the WarClub the more it costs.   All of these products can be customized! The pictures below aren't necessarily the WarClub you'd be getting, I'll customize the handle length and metal motivation plaque to fit your needs.  I strongly suggest you message me before you order a WarClub, we will discuss everything and settle on a price before you spend a dime! 

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If you'd like a custom WarClub that meets you're exact specs. Feel free to message me before ordering one below!

Message For More Info.

 Motivation Plate

Words Have Power- If you a quote or saying that inspires you, that fires you up and makes you work harder. For $10 I'll gladly make you a custom plate for your WarClub. 

Message For More Info.


Shipping prices vary widely, once you order your WarClub from the list below. I will look up what shipping will cost and email an invoice to cover the cost of shipping. 

Message For More Info.

 Custom Loadable Warclub

Each Loadable WarClubs weighs 15lbs empty and can be loaded to up to 30lbs using steel bb's, lead shot, even sand! Base price for this style is $85, custom artwork and motivation plates available for an additional price. Message me and We'll get started designing one today!

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Pictured above is a custom Viking inspired WarClub I made for a customer.  Message me for prices and information about custom WarClubs!