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Become Stronger TV

My Mission

My mission is to take raw, real material and create Maces and Clubs that are stronger than any other workout mace or club on the market. Instead of using cast iron, which is brittle and nearly impossible to repair if broken, I use mild steel, welding the handle 360 degrees in two different places, making it the most durable workout mace available. Not to mention with my customizable plates, you can add a word or quote that inspires you to work harder. 

If you want to Become Stronger, why use equipment that is weak?

"I've been swinging this beauty all night and I gotta say I love everything about it. The length is perfect, the handle width is perfect, the rugged beauty of her is perfect. Again I have to say, solid job!"


 "Dude! It's amazing thank you so much!!"


"Had I stumbled on to your work earlier, I would have never spent money on the stock 10 and 15 lb maces I currently have and would have only invested in yours. Hell, I would have saved money in the long run. And thanks again for accommodating my custom request. This has been money very well spent and I look forward to purchasing more equipment from you in the future."

Fred F.

This mace is a unique piece of art. Not only is it hand crafted but the feel of it becomes a part of your life just like a favorite sweater or an old car you love. Due to the quality of the construction and design, it is a feeling of familiarity and hard work that will be with you for a lifetime. That Is why I chose the inscription of “Grit,” as grit is an individual characteristic that is a primer for being strong, overcoming ,persistence, and most importantly self-reflection. Training with this mace is a cornerstone of my training, as it teaches me to emphasize structure, to brace and to relax, and lastly to be strong in the planes of motion that I cannot see and in angles were I once was vulnerable.

Nic G. Jiu Jitsu Black Belt, Army Veteran

Words have Power

"You Are Strong. Become Stronger." -Those five words mean the world to me. I’ve spent the past 12 years needing to be as strong as I could possibly be. Fighting Wildfires in the mountains and men in cages, working in the back of an ambulance, Jiu Jitsu tournaments, blacksmithing, and serving as a Combat Engineer in the U.S. Army Reserve have all required me to be in the best possible shape; not only to keep me safe and make life easier but also to help keep my guys safe in whatever situation we find ourselves in. I believe that each and every one of us should strive to Become Stronger: mentally, physically and spiritually. We are not meant to stagnate.

It is my mission to create pieces of art that can be used in your daily workout routine; pieces that won’t break or wear out. Please take the time to check out my WarClubs and custom pendants, If you have any questions don’t hesitate to message me. Thank you.

                         Pake McNally